Sunday, October 6, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Here are three videos I took of the boys while I was in Idaho.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone health and wealth this year.
My New Year's Resolution: Share the Wealth.
1) Acquire wealth 2) Share

6277 W. 135 N. #34

Here's my new digs in Hurricane, Utah. Surprisingly, it has snowed quite a bit this winter. There are four units in this townhouse.

Christmas Memories

Here are most of the grandkids at Christmastime at Mom's retirement center in Las Cruces, NM.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bejing Acrobats

Last Friday night Audrey and I went to see the Bejing Acrobats.  The act in this video was performed so close to the front of the stage that if there had been a strong wind those chairs would have fallen into the audience.  We almost had a heart attack watching him get higher and higher.

Fall Break in the backwoods of Tennessee

WOW! I had no idea Tennessee was so beautiful and the people so obligin'. Julie, Nana and I went to the Appalachian historic something. Julie is standing in front of Davy Crockett's actual cabin they transported from the back woods of Tennessee and put on the property. They have dozens of this kind of cabin from Tennessee legends. My favorite moment was the banjo pickin' band and Mom kickin' up her heels. ENJOY!

The Principal recognized me at our last staff meeting because he loved the witches we made for Halloween. What he liked the most I think is how we made it an educational experience by including homophones as part of the display...Which Witch is Which?  Do I have some artistic kids or what?

I need to include this picture on my blog.  This was taken at the Capener reunion in Riverside, UT in September.  What is so unusual about this photo is from L-R are Ralph Able, Me, Ralph's wife, Ralph's sister. Ralph used to contact me and come visit me in Las Cruces every time he had business in El Paso. They lived in Missouri at that time but now live back east and it was a fluke that they were in Utah visiting his parents and our paths crossed again.  I was thrilled to see him! They are from the Joseph Aaron Rigby Capener line and we are from the Arthur Rigby Capener line.

This is an example of what I've been up to.  As I read "Little House In The Woods" to the class they completed a small project to put in their lapbooks.  They looked awesome when we were done.  We also ate beef jerky, made butter, tried molasses and put smoke sauce in our smokehouse so it would always smell good.  The kids favorite part was the origami pig bladder that is in Laura's pocket on the second page.
It was a fun project. The book featured on the back wall, "Earth to Clunk" is a Beehive nominee this year and is about alien pen pals.  We recently wrote to our pen pals at my old Charter School. As you can tell...too busy to keep the blog up...gotta go grade some more papers.